Home Owners Insurance Savings

Save Hundreds on Homeowners Insurance


Save Hundreds of $ On Your Home Owners Insurance

Did you know that all insurance company’s offering home owners insurance in Florida are mandated to offer insurance discounts on homes that meet certain criteria.

At Wise Move Home Inspections we are certified to carry out Wind Mitigation inspections that on average save home owners in Florida 18% on the wind portion of there home owners insurance. This can rise up to 30% in some cases.

The items that we inspect are:

Roof coverings: Any roof that has been recovered after 2001 and meets Florida Building Code will qualify for reduction

Roof Shape: The shape of the roof can get a discount on your rates.

Roof to wall connections: If your home has Clips or Straps holding the roof to the wall structures you will get a discount.

Roof sheathing & nail patterns: What type of roof sheathing do you have? Also what type of nails where used and the nail pattern to hold down the roof sheathing.

Wall Materials: Is your home made block you will get a reduction if it is reinforced you will a further reduction.

Opening protection: If you have any type of door or window protection you will get a discount.

We will inspect your home for the following items and fill out and sign a state mandated form that depending on how many of the above items that your home meets will intitle you to your home owner’s insurance discount.

You only have to have your home inspected once & the discounts will last for 5 years before it ’s to be re inspected.

The average Florida windstorm policy costs $1200 per year, and on average we can save you 18% of that ($1200 x 18% x 5 years = $1080 savings)

Do the math, a $95.00 inspection could save you hundreds every year for 5 years.

Wind Verification




This home owner in Davenport saved $239.00 per year for 5 years on there home owners insurance by having a Wind Verification Inspection.





This owner saved $189.00 per year. Total savings over 5 years $945.00.



Cocoa Beach


The insurance on this home was reduced by $309.00 per year. Proof that older homes can also get great discounts.






This pilot was flying high when his home owners insurance came down by just over $200.00 per year.