Seawall Inspections

Boat Docks and Seawall Inspections

One of the great things about living in Florida is to be able to have waterfront homes. However, some people forget about one of the most important things when it comes to buying a property on the water, the dock or seawall. These structures have to withstand some of the heavies loads of any structures built these days. They have to provide for subsurface drainage as well as withstand extreme weather and corrosive saltwater in some cases. Do not buy a waterfront property without first having a home inspection performed that includes the dock or seawall. Many home inspection company’s in Florida offer seawall and dock inspections by inspecting seawall cap, bulkhead, panels, footings, and any other component which are visible from above land side of the structure, but how many can offer this inspection from under the water.

As a Certified SCUBA diver we have all the equipment including underwater cameras and lights to carry out such an inspection. This inspection is still non evasive and we will not dig or otherwise unearth tiebacks, anchors, retaining walls or other seawall or dock components below land side or waterside grade. Nor do we inspect adjoining or contiguous seawall systems or storm sewers projecting through the bulkhead.