One Year Inspections

One-Year Warranty Inspection

Often home builders “warranty” a house for a period of one year (sometimes longer): Therefore it is prudent to have a comprehensive home inspection performed shortly before the “warranty” expires (normally 11 months) so that covered defects and deficiencies can be brought to the attention of the builder for remedy, rather than be a future expense for you, the homeowner.

Even if a new home final inspection was performed a 1-Year Warranty Inspection should not be skipped. Although many deficiencies may be found during a new home final inspection, additional problems and new or previously latent issues are often reveled during the 1-Year Warranty Inspection. A 1-Year Warranty Inspection is particularly important to find and correct problems before they get out of hand

Our comprehensive One-Year Warranty Inspection covers the Structure – Electrical service and equipment – Roof covering and flashings – Attic spaces – Foundation – Central Heating and Air Conditioning – Plumbing – Swimming Pool, including standard equipment – Lawn sprinkler systems – Built-in kitchen appliances, and more.

All reports will be computer generated with photographs making it harder for the builder to wriggle out of any defect issues that need to be corrected. Remember we work for you not the builder.