What We Inspect

We provide buyers, sellers, property owners, and agents with important information essential to evaluating a property’s condition. Through inspection, consultation and detailed reporting we review:

EXTERIOR: grading, walls, coverings, patios/decks, patio covers, sidewalks/driveways, soffits/fascias, doors/windows/trim, gutters/downspouts, retaining walls, fences/gates, irrigation system.

STRUCTURE: foundation, crawlspace, footings/columns, floors, walls, chimneys.

ROOFING: structure, coverings, flashings, skylights, vent/stacks.

ELECTRICAL: Service entrance, grounding, panel/sub panels, branch circuits, outlets, gfci’s, circuit integrity.

HEATING and A/C: description, combustion system, a/c components, supply/discharge lines, venting, ductwork/registers, controls/thermostats.

PLUMBING: main supply line, distribution lines, fixtures, vents/traps/drains, functional flow.

INSULATION: attic, walls, crawlspace, floors, lines, ductwork, air/vapor barriers.

INTERIOR: walls, ceilings, windows, floors, doors, stairs, fireplaces, smoke detectors (test buttons).