Inspection Fees

General Pricing

Inspections range in cost from $200 to $400.00, depending on the square feet of the house/property. Wise Move Home Inspections is among the best inspectors in the country, providing you with the information you want. We are experienced and professional, just the people with whom you choose to work. Give us a call at 407- 928 8489 to get accurate pricing for the property in question; we are readily available and can quickly give you the information you need. We look forward to hearing from you!


Experience and professionalism. New inspectors are less experienced and may charge less, as a result. Further, the professional nature of your inspector is developed through their commitment to the client experience and their tenure in the business. Get an inspection you can count on and a professional you will enjoy.

Insurance. Overhead is modestly increased by insurance expenses but there is really no alternative. Your inspector needs to be fully insured so that any injuries or damage are not your liability. It is the smart thing for your inspector to do and well worth the security to you.

Industry standing. Hire an inspector who has invested in their certification by an industry organization. Their participation, commitment to the Code of Ethics, and attendance at association events give you higher-caliber work. Hire an inspector who is serious about his or her business and your needs.

Overseas Customers

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All payments are due on day of inspection all checks should be made out to “Wise Move Home Inspections, Inc” Also we accept MasterCard and Visa. Credit card payments may be made online.

* Prices subject to change